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Association de Lutte contre la Délinquance Economique
Presentation of the ALDE
In relation to morality, with which it is often confused , ethics has a character above all practical . It is essentially the direction that inspires a pipe that directs and legitimate right . If the corporation seeks to determine the first principles from which evaluates any action , ethics from a specific case. Moral values ​​can be strictly intentional values ​​because these are values ​​of Appeal. 
Ethical values ​​have an immediately enforceable. They give themselves to read directly in the same behavior if they do not refer to a "writing" (code of business ethics ), defining the allowed to do. 
The establishment of ethical rules for the exercise of private investigation related professions and legal activities to fight against economic crime , empowers the individual who adheres to the values ​​recognized by the group and ensures its counterpart , group support in respect of the defined line of action . 
This Code of Ethics is a prerequisite for the staff working in the field of Private Investigation and legal activities feels concerned by a quality approach should become a natural reflex all conditions. It would be unrealistic to obtain the support of trade unions , or at least their benevolent neutrality , without a definition of ethics . It may well be a useful element in social relations. Naturally, this requires that all partners in the Private Investigation and Legal activities are involved on the subject and that sanctions exist for actors who affranchiraient this code. 
Business ethics seems to rest on the idea that the company has become the best possible system , carrying efficiency and profitability values ​​to remedy the ills of our society. This logic of efficiency is part of a ideological discourse that refers to a utilitarian view of society. 
Some even say that ethics is not a wrong answer to the right questions . This contradiction is thus seeks to emphasize , however, should not discourage thinking ethical able to meet the efficiency and morality. 
Ethics is guaranteeing the maintenance of motivation of the company as well as safeguarding the brand. 
This means that all sectors of Private Investigation and legal activities , in the world today , are affected by the sociological evolution. We must develop a powerful spiral of modern Private Investigation, at the expense of inefficiency, immorality and profitability at all costs associated with the appropriate use of legal professionals .

ALDE the " Association for the Fight against Economic Crime " is headquartered in France and is governed by French law. " Promote the fight against corruption , forgery, industrial espionage, white-collar crime , economic crime , money laundering, fraud and more generally organized fraud : from its object , unfair competition and anti-competitive practices in France and abroad . " 
This unfair competition that plagues the entire world economy can take many forms , including the hidden work belongs . There are underground activities that compete dangerously weaken our businesses and our country. 
For that it would be useful to act upstream and downstream , that is to say to audit contractors that would appeal to members of the ALDE and find parades, but also act effectively where the damage is already installed . 
The ALDE gathers private investigators around the world , and any natural or legal person may assist in conducting legal and legitimate against any form of economic crime actions. 
The association 's objective is to define ethics and practices to put into action in ways that can be offered to private or state influencers worldwide . Must identify and detect fraud and financial arrangements , particularly with regard to money laundering, and for this the ALDE proposes to align its objectives with its members. 
Research groups are also made to engage an extensive study on the relationship between corruption and entrepreneurship in emerging countries program. Targets are known , and the Europeans as well as Americans are the first countries targeted. Billions of Euros and dollars are thus diverted from legal channels to land in the coffers of organizations and unscrupulous businesses . We must stop this bleeding and revitalize the private sector, supporting wealth and jobs. Parallel and underground activities , mafia groups , corruption , counterfeiting, many vectors that pollute the markets and undermine our modern societies. 
The ALDE decided to create an ethical framework of Private Investigation and legal activities , defining the characteristics required to present a product or service related to such activity , and procedures to control compliance thereof. 
Our organization, independent of socio-professional divisions of the professions concerned , decided to establish a task force responsible to effectively fight against economic crime . 
In a second step , it will be possible to identify business opportunities and promote its members to professionals affected by this scourge. 
More transparency in a business world and businessmen can only eliminate the bad apples and make credible professions that do not always. On the other hand globalization will leave only ruins those who do not take the necessary for the harmonious development of a healthy competitive activity and harmonization of ethical rules measures. 
In the near future this harmonization should be mandatory with all countries of the planet. This is not a monopoly that we want to create and free competition must always be set for all professionals who wish to join this idea. It is addressing the 3rd millennium in the best conditions , the fact of the effectiveness , profitability and morality ...

Empowerment " ALDE " refers to those who request it , to carry out the activities concerned on behalf of companies seeking the ALDE, and who fulfill the conditions necessary for this purpose . 
The ALDE selects its members based on recognized professionalism of each applicant to ensure the quality of service provided to customers , in order to verify that applicants possess , at the same time , professional competence , legal capacity and technical skills needed to produce effective work. 
The ALDE must ensure a technicality acquired and developed , as well as a flawless professional conduct of each member to present an international group able to offer services tailored to the fight against economic crime . 
Membership applications are designed to receive nominations , to verify that they meet the conditions of exercise of the occupation , to control their moral commitment and ensure their professional qualities necessary . 
A list will be drawn up for distribution and promotion to companies upon request and depending on the territorial jurisdiction of each. Specialties can be highlighted and duly verified . 
Candidates take note of the common interest that must animate all of them in the group and they already meet the moral and ethical commitment they decide to follow in respect of honor and regulations of each country . 
Candidates for accession to the ALDE have a professional experience of at least 3 years in their field and are committed to maintaining their skills to work in the strictest confidence and to participate as much as possible the works of Promotion undertaken by the association. 
The Board of Directors of the ALDE statue on each application based on the information provided and additional details that may apply to each candidate , in case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote. His decision is not justified in the case of refusal and may be a first representation within six months , then a second representation within 1 year. If no favorable opinion is issued a third representation is possible within three years. These periods shall run again each final at the end of this triennial period failure. 
The discussions of the Board are subject to the strictest confidentiality and each member agrees to make no duplication of any kind , documents reviewed , and not to disclose any information from the cases brought to its attention within the framework of the accession process . 
Nominate a firm is admissible only if it is validated by his legal representative who must have all the necessary clearances . Firms or secondary schools are accepted only on submission of a new application has been validated in the name of its local director for the payment of an additional annual fee. 
Members are referenced by the ALDE on the sole condition that they settle their annual fee, and if they are terminated for non-payment of dues , they must submit a new application in the case of a new membership and , no time limit . 
Each Participant who is authorized by the ALDE must meet ethical requirements and ethics of the profession, as well as good fellowship towards other members . 
In the case of suspension of the legal authorities of the member, taken by regulators , the participant will be deemed to have resigned , unless an appeal has been made ​​which makes suspensive said decision. In which case the final judgment on the merits will be decisive for the application of this clause. 
In the case of disputes or repeated complaints from customers and / or other members of the association , the Disciplinary Committee composed of members of the Board of Directors will be responsible to investigate the matter and make a final decision after hearing the parties. 
In case of breach of the rules of professional conduct of a member, the Board of Directors of the ALDE is responsible for collecting evidence and hear all knowledgeable parties to make an interim or final decision , taking into account the severity of allegations. A simple call to order can be delivered up to the expulsion in cases of serious misconduct.