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Association de Lutte contre la Délinquance Economique
Industrial and economical spying
In France, the law of secrecy existed since the adoption January 25, 2012 of the Act CARAYON Bernard , MP UMP du Tarn, to punish the violation of secrecy. This Act introduces a new offense of " violation of secrecy " , liable to a penalty of three years in prison and 375,000 euro fine, business secrets are defined in Article 39 TRIPS in scope general that the French provision of secrets. Unlike the defense secret , the " secrets " can not be opposed to judges, an administrative authority or a regulator, while an employee alleging criminal acts can not be continued. 
According to Alain Juillet, President of the Club of corporate security directors , " This is a very good first step. Companies must now better train their teams and raise awareness of the importance of confidentiality in face international competition. " 
Madame Claude Revel was named Interministerial Delegate for economic intelligence by Cabinet French May 29, 2013 . She will report directly to the Prime Minister, Mr JM Ayrault and the Government decided to reform the current system of Competitive Intelligence . 
The new guidelines will be defined by an interministerial committee for economic intelligence also chaired by the Prime Minister. The new delegate lead a network comprising representatives of ministries and prefectures and Local Authorities who wish to join. 
The strategic scope of the European economy does not define a " strategic European interest" because each state chooses and defends its own strategic interests . 
The case "Rose" was the first conviction of espionage through the theft of intangible data.

The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS , English, Agreement on Trade - Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights : TRIPS) is a text annexed to the Agreement establishing the World Trade Organisation ( WTO). It aims to integrate intellectual property rights ( copyrights, trademarks or trade , patents, etc. . ) In the WTO system. This agreement applies the principles of the trading system of intellectual property rights . 
Today the industrial and economic espionage represents a shortfall obvious to innovative companies that invest in research and development , designing new, more efficient systems , or who have business data giving them a competitive advantage . 
This shortfall translates into huge losses for the benefit of unscrupulous people who are willing to steal the fruit of labor, to grant undue benefit others without purse untied. We can quantify these losses in the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide . 
If the competition is healthy and motivating for trade , theft and espionage put the troubled world economy and adversely affect trade related to trade to the detriment of States and their jewels . 
To effectively fight against this scourge, our association proposes to form a group for organizing the response and to provide the evidence necessary for agencies. 
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