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Corruption across the world
Blacklist of tax havens in 2013
1. Jersey 
2. Les Iles Vierges britanniques 
3. Les Bermudes 
4. Les Iles Marshall 
5. Le Brunei 
6. Le Guatémala 
7. Le Botswana 
8. Montserrat 
9. Niue 
10. Nauru 
11. La Suisse 
12. Le Liban 
13. Le Panama 
14. Les Emirats arabes unis 
15. Trinidad et Tobago 
16. Le Vanuatu 
17. Le Libéria 
18. Le Costa Rica 
19. La Dominique 

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A global journalistic investigation has in public the name of personalities apparently related to offshore companies in tax havens , revelations revive the controversy over tax evasion. 
The Consortium of Investigative Journalists American ICIJ , appealed to forty international media (Le Monde, the Guardian , BBC, the Washington Post, the Süddeutsche Zeitung ... ) to help cross-check information . It is " probably the largest international collaborative journalistic history ," the small NGO based in Washington. 
The ICIJ managed to get a hard drive containing 2.5 million emails and information on 122,000 offshore companies and some 12,000 intermediaries : internal memos , copies of passports, accounting records or official documents. Is "the most important stock information from the interior of the system of offshore companies ever obtained by the media ," said the British newspaper Guardian. 
This information concerns mainly the British Virgin Islands and represent a volume " 160 times to confidential information published by WikiLeaks on the U.S. State Department in 2010." They filtered from two companies offering "offshore" in Singapore and the Virgin Islands. 
It contains the names of " thousands of owners ' interest in tax havens , U.S. dentists , " Greek village from the middle class , " foreign leaders , billionaires and arms dealers , writes the Guardian. 
According to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the Antwerp diamond are also mentioned in the survey. 
The ICIJ , " shows how the secret offshore finance lies in the world, allowing the rich to avoid paying taxes, fueling corruption and misfortunes of the rich and poor countries ," the consortium. For him, the current crisis in Cyprus "is one example of how the offshore system can affect a country's financial stability." 
Tax evasion costs " more than 1,000 billion euros per year in Europe ." 
And organization of the fight against corruption " Global Witness" felt that the G8 countries were now " no excuse for not acting " against fraud. 
The Tax Justice Network, an international network of researchers and activists who struggle for " tax justice " , evaluates to 20.0000 to 30.000 billion the amount of money hidden in tax havens around the world .
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