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The counterfeiting
Emerging markets offer tremendous opportunities for global luxury giants , but they also constitute " a potential threat in the medium term " given the power they acquire themselves in this sector , warns a study Xerfi - Precepta cabinet . 
Foreign operators show a political offensive to break into the world of luxury , as shown for example Fung Chinese who took control of the shoemaker Robert Clergerie (April 2011 ), the Delvaux (September 2011) or claw ready-to- wear range Sonia Rykiel (February 2012) says this new study , entitled " Strategies luxury groups " , which AFP has learned Friday. 
Qatar, for example, shows him as his ambitions : he took over The Tanner in May 2011, acquired a 1.03% stake in LVMH end of 2011 and 5.19% in Tiffany in April 2012. 
In addition, " emerging countries have already launched very powerful brands " and florets market must now position " in markets where local actors have already gained a solid reputation ," says the author of the study , Laure- Anne Warlin . 
"The Chinese Chow Tai Fook is thus the global leader in jewelery with a powerful distribution network he built in Asia," based on 1,500 outlets in more than 320 cities , " when an actor like Tiffany only has "only" 230 stores worldwide. 
In addition , emerging gradually offset " their less control of the value chain ," notes the study. " They deploy innovative strategies to ramp up quickly : some actors relocate their production in such cradles of luxury to enjoy the attractiveness of their expertise ."

And cite the example of Chinese jeweler Qeelin , based on the French know-how. Or that of Sorgere She Ji , which " has the ambition to produce the first Chinese luxury brand relocating its production facilities in Italy and using the service of a renowned Italian designer ." Or in the field of watchmaking , the Chinese Sea- Gull , which uses Swiss designers who worked for Tissot. 
" This strategy made ​​+ with + participate in a reshuffling of the luxury market in the coming years," says the study . 
She also puts on guard against certain threats to the luxury market , which posted in 2011 but also of exceptional growth in early 2012 , LVMH Swatch through PPR , Hermes and Prada: the economic crisis in Europe , a growth in Asia and Latin America which should be lower than in 2010 , the dynamics of growth in the luxury segments vary significantly depending on ... 
These elements " call for caution ," said the author of the study, which warns against " a climate of euphoria ." 
According to the study Xerfi - Precepta " luxury groups must focus more than ever on a balanced internationalization of their activities." 
And without underestimating the mature markets (Europe , USA , Japan) still generate the bulk of sales in the market , and diversifying operations in emerging countries. Must not " idealize China," still recalls the study : it is a land expansion but also the main place of manufacture of counterfeit luxury.
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